Ruby Studio

Agile web development
and IT solitions


Web programming and design

Web development

Order your new project, whether just a personal website, blog, content managment system or a full-blown sophisticated web application to replace your sluggish and outdated desktop solutions.

Content management

Integrate your website with existing or custom-written CMS modules. If you opt for existing generic solution, Refinery, Locomotive and Radiant are our Ruby choices, with legacy PHP varieties also available.

HTML5 & CSS3 compatibility

Get your old website revamped and compatible with modern browser and current user expectations. Our applications actively rely on standarts like HTML5 and CSS3, and make extensive use of javascript frameworks like jQuery.

Mobile interfaces

Have a mobile interface created for your webiste or application! With mobile computing accounting for increasingly larger percent of web traffic, a dedicated mobile frontend is a necessity. We build those with jQuery Mobile framework.

Domains, hosting, email, technical support

Subscribe for the full service package, including not only development, but also domain registration and email setup, hosting, continued tech support, security patching and monitoring for your sites on monthly and yearly plans: an all-in-one solution to save you time and hassle.

Training and ongoing cooperation

Receive training and extensive documentation on using your new web application! Particularly useful for complicated enterprise applications, designed to be used by groups of individuals. Extend the lifecycle of your webapp with ongoing development and feature implementation.

IT Solutions

IT consulting

Do you know what computer hardware, peripherals, operating systems and software products are best for you or your company? What's the best productivity / price ratio for your products of choice? Or may be you just have a general IT question that you need an expert answer for? We can help!

System administration

On-site or remote, for businesses or individuals, for your workstations or servers, on multiple OS including Windows, Linux, OSX - the choice is yours and we can provide the support. Ideal solution if you do not have full-time IT personnel, our services are available as a subscription or ad-hoc.

Training and support

Training and support are available ad-hoc or on a subscription basis for a variety of software products: operating systems and applications alike; remote and unattended troubleshooting and problem solving via TeamViewer, GoToAssist, VNC, SSH.

Install and configure

We can install and configure the operating system and software you need to save you time and hassle. We can handle upgrades, security patches, rollbacks to previous versions. For your desktop workstations or servers, on Windows, Linux or MacOSX.

Designing and building computer systems

We can design and assemble the PCs you need, workstations or servers, for personal use or entire infrastructures for your office. We pick the parts to match your needs and requirements and optionally we can provide you with on-going hardware support.

Implementing network infrastructures

We can design and build your network environment, install the cabling, switches, routers or implement a wireless networking solution. We can configure your network hardware for traffic shaping and monitoring or add an industry-strength security gateway.