Our vision

We believe the web should be a medium based on open standarts. We believe web technology should constantly evolve to support the shifting nature of the web itself. We believe building a stronghold on shifting sands is impossible and the efforts to do so are futile. Hence we promote and fully support the principles of Agile development. The solutions provided should always be perceived by the customer as personal, simple and intuitive.

Our mission

Providing agile software solutions and leveraging the creativity and productivity aspects of web development by using a set of modern, secure and open technologies. Empowering the customers by enabling constant close interaction and two-way feedback during the development phase. Constantly living on the bleeding edge of web technology where engineering meets art and inspiration.

About Us

Ruby Sudio is a tech startup, founded in August 2011 by IT professionals with more than a decade of previous experience in web developemt and tech solutions. Currently based in Sofia, Bulgaria, we work with customers from all over the world.

What we offer

Web development

  • Building new web applications and websites, fully customized to fit your needs
  • Revamping legacy websites and webapps to modern HTML5 & CSS3 standarts
  • Providing complete service packages, including development, domain and email services, hosting and support for your applications on monthly and yearly plans
  • Integrating your website with existing or custom-written CMS modules
  • Training, ongoing support and continuous development and feature implementation for your website
  • Building mobile versions of your new or existing websites and webapps

IT solutions

  • IT consulting, designing and building computer systems or entire infrastructures, installing and configuring software environments
  • Implementing network infrastructures, routing and security gateway solutions, traffic shaping and monitoring
  • Training and support (ad-hoc or on a subscription basis) for a variety of software products; remote and unattended troubleshooting and problem solving available
  • On-site or remote system administration for businesses or individuals on multiple OS including Microsoft Windows, Linux, OSX

What technologies we use

As a company we are highly opinionated about the set of tools we use and promote; we endeavour to use tools that we belive in and have an emotional bond with and apart from providing a service, we also aim to educate and encourage our customers to discover the merits and benefits of our choices.

How we work

After you contact us with your initial query, we will immediately get back in touch with you to discuss the details of your project and to clarify your needs and ideas and possible means of their implementation. Afterwards our team will assemble a blueprint of your solution, provide it to you for approval and work will begin on the project, involving close two-way cooperation with the customer with feedback and drafts on the work in progress delivered on daily basis. The customer is always kept in the loop of the development and can influence and change its course at any stage before project completion.